“Grace” by Chris Keniston

Title: Grace
Author: Chris Keniston
Series: Faraday Country, Book 7
Publisher:Indie House Publishing

Actual book or ebook: ebook

Trope: I’m not even sure

Sweet, Steamy, or Sleazy?:Sweet

Summary: Book 7 of the Faraday Country series. That crazy matchmaking grey dog is at it again and this time it has Grace Faraday in its sights.  Grace, a recent graduate of law school is back home to be in her brother’s wedding.  She meets Chase, who recently moved to town to own the feed store and it’s instant attraction. Will they succumb to the magic of the matchmaking wild dog? What do you think?

FIve-Second thoughts: I enjoy Chris Keniston’s books. she’s one of only a few self published authors I regularly purchase and read.    I think the last few of tiles of the Faraday Country series have sort of been phoned in. The romance sort of magically happens and thinks get wrapped up a little too neatly and quickly. It looks like she’s extending the alphabet to other members of the Faraday family. I hope she spends time with the plot and makes it worth my time and money.


Million Dollar Cowboy by Lori Wilde

Title: Million Dollar Cowboy
Author: Lori Wilde
Series: Cupid, Texas
Publisher: Avon/Harper Collins

Actual book or ebook: ebook

Trope:  best friend’s sibling, western, friends to lovers

Sweet, Steamy, or Sleazy?: between sweet and steamy

Summary: Having been away from Cupid, Texas for ten years, Ridge Lockwood comes home for his best friends wedding. He’s surprised to see his best friend’s sister, Kaia, all grown up.  Kaia can’t believe Ridge is back in town. She’s always had a thing for him but Ridge has family issues that means he might not stick around.

FIve-Second thoughts: I liked it. I like Lori Wilde’s books. I thought the way the story was written was compelling and who doesn’t have family issues? Hard to put down.


Forever a Hero by Linda Lael Miller

Title: Forever a Hero
Author: Linda Lael Miller
Series: The Carsons of Mustang Creek
Publisher:  HQN

Actual book or ebook: ebook

Trope:Western, Friends to Lovers

Sweet, Steamy, or Sleazy?: mostly sweet

Summary: Ten years ago Mace Carson saved Kelly from a sexual assault. Her company sent her to Mustang Creek to try and get Mace’s vineyard as a client.  When Kelly needs rescuing, it’s a complete coincidence that Mace is once again her rescuer.  She’s rather determined to keep their relationship professional, but the two feel the pull of attraction.  When Kelly’s attacker is released from prison, he’s out for vengence against them both.

FIve-Second thoughts: I like Miller’s books.  This one felt like she was phoning it in. I honestly thought she was being paid by words … many phrases felt unnecessary. It was a good story and I hope they continue this series.  Mustang Creek, Wyoming is a nice place to visit.


Catch and Release by Laura Drewry

Title: Catch and Release
Author: Laura Drewry
Series: Fishing for Trouble
Publisher: Random House

Actual book or ebook:  ebook

Trope: Enemies to Lovers

Sweet, Steamy, or Sleazy?: steamy

Summary: The Buoy’s Fishing Resort is a success! The O’Donnell brothers reluctantly agree to allowing the TV show to film at their resort.  Ronan, the oldest O’Donnell brother wants to make sure that the show won’t hurt them.

FIve-Second thoughts: Sigh. I’m sort of bummed that I won’t be visiting here anymore. Great read. Emotionally satifying!


Lured In by Laura Drewry

Title: Lured In
Author: Laura Drewry
Series: Fishing for Trouble
Publisher: Random House

Actual book or ebook: ebook only

Trope: Friends to Lovers

Sweet, Steamy, or Sleazy?: steamy

Summary: Jess has been working at the Buoy’s Fishing Resort for since she was seventeen. No one loves it more than she does and no one works harder to make it a success. When her former boyfriend agrees to film his fishing show with Finn, the Fish Whisperer at the Buoys, Kate knows it the one thing they need to make the resort solvent. She also knows she doesn’t want to continue their relationship.  She’d rather spend time with Finn.

FIve-Second thoughts: I really care about thiese characters and can’t wait to read the third book in the series.  Drewry has done a masterful job on created this world and these characters.  Nicely done.


Off the Hook by Laura Drewry

Title: Off the Hook
Author: Laura Drewry
Series: Fishing for Trouble
Publisher: Random House

Actual book or ebook: Ebook only. Also available as audiobook

Trope: Second Chance / Secret Marriage

Sweet, Steamy, or Sleazy?: steamy

Summary: Kate is sent to the Buoys, a fishing resort, to help the owners get it ready for customers.  Kate’s boss wants to buy it from the owners, the O’Donnell brothers.  Kate is surprised to find out that the O’Donnell brothers includes Liam O’Donnell her once-upon-a-time five day ex-husband.

Five-second Thoughts: I liked it very much, so much that I wanted to read the other O’Donnell brother’s stories.  Also, I literally looked up fishing rods when she mentioned them in a later book.


Welcome and Why

Hi. Welcome to my new blog.  My previous blog kept track of the books I read for work It turns out I didn’t really use it much. To the point where I lost my login information.  Instead of pulling out my hair, I’m resurrecting it and talking about the books I read because I want to read them.  Usually that will mean romance, sometimes, though a really great middle grade fiction novel will appear.

A few years ago (2013, maybe) my friend left the job she had at the library where I work together.  Aside being my friend, she was my lunch companion; a bright spot in my day. When she left, I think I became depressed; work was rather stressful back then and I needed a refuge in the middle of my day.  LB was gone so I turned to another true friend, books.  Romance books to be specific. Everyday instead of sitting alone at lunch, I had a date with a great story.

I love the romance genre. A friend said to me, “yes we all need to escape” and I was too polite to contradict her.

Romance books aren’t necessarily about escaping real life, at least not for me.  I gravitate to romance because the story is a guaranteed happy ending. But more often than not, the really great romance novels aren’t about escaping my life for champagne and frilly things or whatever romance conjures up.Good romance novels feature strong women characters who are often tackling hard truths to get to their happy ending.

Officially, romance novels (according to Romance Writers of America) feature a central love story with a emotionally satisfying and optimistic ending.

So, welcome to my blog.